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Refusing Breathalyzer

What happens if you refuse a breathalyzer? The consequence of declining to give a breath sample or a blood sample comes with the DMV, not with the criminal court but instead with the administrative court.

Katie Clary explains what happens after you are stopped or charged with DUI

When someone is investigated and then charged with a crime, DWI is no different, it’s just a theory, and that’s exactly what it is when someone is charged with driving while impaired.

Katie Clary Discusses Domestic Violence Charge Information

When someone is charged with a domestic violence crime in North Carolina, there’s often a second component to it that is the civil side of it, so I’m going to talk about the make up of an average domestic violence case.

What to say to a Judge? Tony Scheer Explains

Every criminal lawyer ends up advising their client about talking to the judge at some point. This usually comes up in the context of a sentencing. I think a lot of people think that we lawyers tell our clients what to say and maybe some do.

Vicarious Liability Explained by Tony Scheer

Here's a piece of advice many of us got from our mothers: Be careful who you hang out with because the mistakes they make may end up being yours. In law, we call this vicarious liability. It's really how a person can get into trouble with the law by associating with someone else's doing wrong.

Dealing with stress of personal injury case

We understand the stress that you're going through because of your injury. It's NUTS.

Consent to search with no warrant

So here's a common situation. The police just show up out of the blue. They stop by your work. They come by your house. They're searching for evidence. Now unless that person knows for sure that they're not a suspect in anything, it's a really dangerous moment.

District Court North Carolina

Let's talk about the trial courts in Mecklenburg County, and really in all 100 counties across the state of North Carolina. There are two levels of trial courts in North Carolina. The district court and the superior court.

Information on Judges and Juries by Eben Rawls

Let's talk about judges and juries, because that's what lawyers talk about and that's what lawyers talk about with their clients.

What does lawyer do? Explained by Eben Rawls

What do lawyers really do? Lawyers are guided by and held to very strict rules. Rules of evidence, rules of professional conduct, and rules of procedure. Let's unpack those a little bit one by one.

Reasons to Serve Jury Duty by Amanda Mingo

You've gotten a jury duty notice. Certainly, you can get out of jury duty. Most anyone can, but should you?

Do I need to hire a personal injury attorney?

Have you been injured? You may be wondering "Do I Need a Lawyer?" It's one of the most common questions we get.