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Civil Litigation

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People do not always agree. Disputes arise that cannot be settled without involving the courts. Accusations are sometimes made that threaten a person’s job or standing in the community. Often a person needs an advocate to solve such problems for them and the civil lawyers at Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo have been helping people with some of these problems for decades.

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Insurance Coverage Issues

Most people have insurance and assume that they are “covered” if anything happens – automobile insurance will repair or replace the car after an accident … homeowner’s insurance will rebuild the house after a fire … a liability umbrella policy will pay the claim if your dog bites a visitor. Though that is how it often works when an insurance claim is filed, underpayment and denials of coverage by the insurance company sometimes leave the policyholder holding the bag and financially devastated. Insurance underwriters will try to settle claims with their customer quickly and cut off their claim for more money. If you think that the insurance company is not delivering on your policy, you should talk to a lawyer immediately. Rawls, Scheer, Clary, and Mingo’s civil litigation team is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and enforcing the client’s rights under the policy.

Professional Disciplinary Actions

Virtually all professions in which a license is required have rules of conduct, and systems in place to sanction its members who violate the rules. Doctors, nurses, chiropractors, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, police officers, and bail bondsmen are all subject to discipline under these procedures. The civil lawyers at Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo represent professionals from all of these fields.

Defense of Alienation of Affections Claims

North Carolina is one of only 5 remaining states to have a civil cause of action against a person who has an affair with a married person. When a person outside of a marriage interferes with a marital relationship, the “outsider” can face a lawsuit and damages for alienation of affections or criminal conversation. Criminal conversation refers to a sexual relationship, while alienation of affections refers to actions that caused alienation and destruction of the marriage relationship. These suits are brought by a person whose spouse cheats on them. They sue the person who had the affair with their spouse for harming their marriage and can result in judgments for very large sums of money. Some domestic lawyers bring these lawsuits to gain strategic advantage for their clients in a divorce case. Amanda Mingo has represented a number of defendants in these cases and has successfully avoided trials in all.

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  • Amanda Mingo
    Amanda Mingo,

    Amanda Mingo is an experienced trial lawyer who represents families who have lost a loved one and people who have been seriously hurt. She helps clients hold accountable those that caused them harm. Amanda’s compassion and ability to address each client’s fears and individual needs sets her apart.

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  • Kim Matthews
    Kim Matthews,
    Trial Lawyer

    Kim Matthews focuses her practice on representing individuals in civil cases involving personal injury and wrongful death.

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