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I was grateful to have Katie representing me. She is sharp, on the ball, firm when necessary, and is incredibly through. She asks all the right questions, hones in on the details, and is extremely professional. I could not have asked for better representation.
From day one, Amanda has had my best interest at heart even if it did not benefit her as much financially. Through every step of the process, Amanda took the time to thoroughly explain and assist me with every aspect of the case. I cannot express my gratitude. I highly recommend her and will always use her for my future law needs. Thank you Amanda!!
There seemed to be little hope, or a silver lining, when my world was turned upside down. When facing my darkest days, I just needed someone to be on my side. From the initial meeting with Tony and Mark, I knew I had found the people who would be in my corner. Without their expertise, resources and constant encouragement, I honestly don’t know that I could have survived the ordeal I went through. I am forever grateful for all of the work and determination they gave in order to secure a dismissal. Tony and Mark are who you want to have on your side when facing your darkest days.
Generally speaking, I am not one to review a professional. However, today I feel like I owe it to others to inform them of what an amazing attorney Ms. Clary is. Not that I am always in need of an attorney, but life happens. Ms. Clary has been a rock to many people and she deserves the acknowledgement.
Tony thank you so much for everything! You helped relieve the stress of my family’s back before you even went to the courthouse! When we went to your office everyone on your team made me and my family feel like normal human beings even in the midst of a case like this. We’re forever grateful to you.
Eben did an excellent job handling my son’s case. His years of experience provided us with hope in a complicated case. Eben takes time out for his clients and understands how to unravel unique cases in order to get the most positive result possible. NT
After a horrifying weekend where a trip to see my favorite band play turned into an instance of me being a victim of police brutality and being charged with crimes that were far more severe than the one I actually committed, I was broken, defeated, physically injured, and terrified that my job, my future, and my freedom were in jeopardy. I spoke to several lawyers who all empathized with my situation and said that they could get the charges reduced however only Katie really saw the truth in the matter that the cops had stopped me unlawfully, abused their power, broken protocol in many ways and left me physically, mentally, and emotionally battered in the process. She took my case incredibly seriously and worked diligently to collect all the evidence in order to present my side of the story to the DA. In the end she was able to get my case thrown out completely on the grounds of abuse of power, and lack of probable cause. I was convinced this trouble would be following me around for months to years so imagine my excitement and gratitude when she managed to do this in a matter of a few weeks! After that her and her firm were also about to handle the expungement of my case as well. She was reassuring, caring, supportive, assertive, and diligent every step of the way. I could not have asked for better representation. I would recommend her to anyone in the Mecklenburg area, especially anyone who is afraid that their side of the story will not be heard. With Katie that will not be the case. She is on your side 100%.
I was in an accident in November of 2010. It quickly became evident that this was going to be an ongoing issue and after only 2 days I was feeling the pressure of the decisions I was faced with. I was given Amanda Mingo’s name and number from my husband’s coworker. I felt comfortable with her right away. She was empathetic and sympathetic and made handing all of this pressure over to her easy, so I could focus on healing. Over the next 3 years I was kept informed and had a say in every turn that my case took. I am grateful to Amanda for helping me through the process.
I want to thank Mr.Rawls for the amazing job he did for me and my husband. Not only is he an amazing lawyer but also a wonderful friend. I would use him or his office any day. Thanks again EBEN. I cant think you enough for all you have done for us. Your the best.
I had the absolute best experience with Eli. He held my hand every step of the way with my case. He was overly prepared and help me reverse/be prepared for my trial time. He is authentic, kind and compassionate. He made me feel like a friend not a client. I would 100% use him again. He was the best investment I ever made. I was thrilled when he helped me when a case I really thought was hopeless. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. Hire him. You won’t be disappointed.
Eli was recommended to me by a family friend. He was incredibly well prepared in advance of our consultation and then quickly come to my aid with little advance notice. He laid out the options for my situation and then was able to deliver the best possible outcome for my case. He was comfortable to work with, transparent in his communications and an attorney that I would partner with again and recommend to my friends and family. Thank you!!!
My attorney Mr.Eli Parker was fantastic! He was very confident n passionate when arguing my case, as a client I was impressed, comfortable, and confident in him representing me. I would recommend him to anybody and if I ever need him again I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again. Such a great lawyer I can’t thank him enough for my not guilty verdict.
I contacted Eli after experiencing a difficult time with another law firm and over two years of delays with the District Attorneys office. Eli took the time to understand all of the facts regarding my domestic violence case and displayed a thorough knowledge of how the criminal system process works. He developed a strategy that quickly resulted in getting my case dismissed within just a few weeks. Eli is a good listener, very smart, responsive and delivers on his commitments. He also has a good demeanor and understands how to navigate the complex criminal justice system. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case and experience with Eli. I can’t say thank you enough.
Eli was brilliant in the court room, He kept the District Attorney completely on his heels. Eli had all the facts of the case including video evidence, his objections were timely and justified. Eli’s-preparation was spot on. By the end of the trial he had the DA making the case for us. I can not recommend Eli highly enough.
Do not think for another second on retaining any other attorney—hire Katie Clary. She is responsive, diligent and one of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered. Her commitment to my family and our case made a world of difference. As someone who has (unfortunately) had to deal with a lot of attorneys, Katie was an absolute joy to work with.
Mrs Clary was simply amazing to work with. Thank you for the best outcome possible.
Mrs. Clary is Amazing. Job well done for sure. Got my case dismissed. Could not be more happy with her services. Thank you Mrs. Clary, you’re the best.
I hired Amanda to represent and defend my minor son in a case. Amanda was straight forward with my son…tough but caring. She guided and counseled us through the legal process and in the end all charges were dropped. My son is a different and better person since his interactions with Amanda. I am so grateful for the way she handled my son legally and personally, and for her compassion toward our family through this process. I highly recommend Amanda.
The results Ms. Clary obtained while representing me were better than I was originally led to believe. I can only describe it as “magic”. I hope I never have to use her services again, but if I ever do, I won’t hesitate one bit to contact her.
Ms. Clary is very adept at what she does and was great at guiding me through this entire process. With her representation I received the best outcome I could have hoped for. I would also like to add her Legal Assistant Stephanie was awesome as well always communicating in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Ms. Clary to anyone in need of legal representation.
Mr Rawls provided great representation and advise. This was my first time being accused and Mr Rawls was fantastic in walking me through the process. He eventually got my case thrown out of court. I would highly recommend him to anyone being accused.
In early 2019, I found myself accused of driving while impaired(DWI) and it was my first time in any legal trouble. The days following my arrest were some of the most stressful I’ve ever lived, but I immediately felt better after my initial consultation with Ms. Clary. The consultation put me at ease as she asked very specific questions, answered all my questions, and informed me of things I was very unaware of. She took extremely detailed notes and I definitely felt confident in her ability to resolved my case after the consultation so I didn’t even consult with anyone else. I decided she was the right one for me and my legal case so I hired her. The date of my court case was eventually pushed back a few times and then pushed back a year further due to COVID, but Ms. Clary and her assistant made sure to keep me very updated. Once the actual court case was approaching on July 2021, I received a call from her to further explain what the plan of approach was for my case. I knew I had the best lawyer by my side, but I was completely blown away at how well she handled herself in the courtroom. I arrived a bit early and overheard prosecutors refer to my case as the “Clary case” instead of using my name so they must’ve known she’s a tough lawyer. The plaintiff’s table was made up of three attorneys and the arresting trooper behind them, while it was just Ms. Clary and I on the defendant’s table. I’ll admit that seeing 3 prosecutors was a bit intimidating, but Ms. Clary was completely unfazed by it. The level of preparedness she came with was outstanding. I noticed she brought along the very same notes she had taken during my initial consultation more than 2 years prior. She presented a precedent court case that even the judge was impressed by. She takes so many notes that even her pen was begin to go low on ink. I don’t much about criminal law, but even I can tell the the plaintiff’s table was not prepared for Ms. Clary. They were often times scrambling through their files in order to counter argue and she even left them speechless a few times. One prosecutors in particular would turn red at the face because he could not counter argue against Ms. Clary’s evidence. Watching my court case play out in front of me, I felt I was in great hands. It was clear that my lawyer’s only goal was to win my court case, any other outcome was not an option. In the end she delivered exactly what she expected, finding me not guilty and having me expunged. She also informed me on what was next for me after being found not guilty. As we’re walking out, someone even tells her “every time I watch you, I learn something new”. That’s the type of lawyer everyone should want, one that’s a leader in her field and revered by her peers. I was more than delighted with the outcome she delivered, felt so much relief once the judge said “not guilty”. Hopefully I don’t find myself in any legal trouble again, but I’ll know who to depend in the future.
This case was regarding a business matter and Amanda was remarkable. During the entire process she explained everything to me and made sure I was kept in the loop. Having Amanda on my side saved me quite a bit of stress, frustration and money!
Mrs Clary was simply amazing to work with. Thank you for the best outcome possible.
The trial was dominated by defense attorney Eben Rawls, who is among Charlotte’s most successful lawyers in obtaining DWI acquittals. (Charlotte Observer)
When I reached out to Amanda regarding my car accident, she gave me her honest opinion and after agreeing to take on my case, Amanda and her team took care of everything, which allowed me to concentrate on physical therapy to recover. She was always checking in to make sure that I’m doing OK and kept me up to date on the progress the entire time. Thank you Amanda for all that you’ve done!
Great! Great! Great!…Indeed, I am confident that this success would not have been possible without the significant level of professionalism and creativity which you brought to this responsibility. We were fortunate to enjoy your presence, and I commend you for having developed a strategy which proved successful.
Amanda was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and always one step ahead. We were pleased with the results. I would recommend her without hesitation.
I want to thank you all for saving my life….I know you went to considerable effort and expended considerable energy and time to obtain the best possible resolution for me, and that this process was not straightforward and required great skill to accomplish. I know that you believed in me, did not waver in your belief in me, and articulated this belief clearly and effectively when it mattered most. I know that you put your heart into this. You did not see me as a criminal, but as a human being, and in many ways, I felt, as a colleague.
Amanda from day one made me feel that she cared about me. I never had a problem reaching her or having her share information and updates about what was happening with my case. Amanda was open and honest about what might happen and didn’t promise more than she thought we could do. I never doubted for a moment that she was doing her very best for me. I would recommend her without a doubt if someone needed someone to fight for them.
Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. I do believe you must be the best attorney in Charlotte!…I will definitely pass the word, I really do appreciate all of your hard work.
Now that I am home and happy, I would like to thank you for taking care of me the way you did. All your hard work went above and beyond the call of duty, and I (and my family) will never forget what you did for me. I feel that you really cared for my welfare, as did your wonderful assistant. I thank you both more than I can say!
I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your help. Your kind acceptance and handling of my case put it out of my mind almost entirely, and the dismissal, of course, was a joy. Thank you so much.
Thank you for all your support, thank you for finding another option and for showing the “heart” of my daughter to others…We both thank God that miracles do happen and that through all of this, our faith and trust in others grows. Thank You.
I thought RSFM was the only Law Firm in Charlotte!! They have been my Attorney’s for many year’s & I have alway’s been pleased with there professionalism!! I have also referred many of my associate’s to them as well and they have also been very pleased with there representation of there legal affair’s!! I consider this Law Firm not only my Friend’s but my Family! Especially that really tall Eben & that short guy Tony!! Love you Guy’s!!!
Amanda was a great lawyer in that she took over and handled all the problems we were having after our car wreck. We were in no way prepared for what we had to do so just knowing she had our backs and was looking out for us made us able to breathe and recuperate from our injuries. I highly recommend! Thanks Amanda!
My experience in dealing with Anthony Scheer was impeccable. An acquaintance of mine advised me to hire Tony as he has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable, capable, and professional. What was key to me, is that not only is he knowledgeable, he sincerely cares for your situation. You are not just another client to him. He is very understanding of how difficult and life changing the process can be and he goes the extra mile for you. I highly recommend him.
I can not recommend or praise Amanda Mingo enough to balance the kindness, compassion and knowledge she shared generously with my son and me. My son was in an auto accident that sadly totaled his car and resulted in concussion syndrome. We were in the midst of a global pandemic, stay at home orders and all that results from the extraordinary uniqueness of this time. Amanda not only spent a great deal of time speaking to me on the phone, she met with my son (before the stay at home order) and gave us both such a sense of calm and peace at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Amanda’s consultation was a game changer for us and I will always be grateful for her help. She treated us like we were her family. I truly can not thank her enough.
Tony Scheer and his team handled my case with expertise and professionalism. At one of the most difficult times of my life, I was able to rely on his wonderful guidance and heart felt support like I was part of his family in trouble. The people at RSFM go to great lengths to get the most desirable outcome possible for your case and hardly take “no” for an answer. They were relentless in working for my benefit in my case. He was able to get a great deal for me. To this day, I can always count on Tony and his team to give me advice and answer questions I might need. I will always call Tony and his team if I need a great lawyer and he will always be the first lawyer I recommend to anyone.
Amanda Mingo is an awesome person and attorney! These people are not only very professional but have huge hearts as well!
Mr. Scheer is tough, smart, dedicated and practical. He is a straight shooter who gave me the facts and explained the potential outcomes so that I could participate fully in all proceedings. He went far beyond the call of duty in his efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for me. He worked within the system when appropriate but backed down from no one if he met resistance. I do not believe that Mr. Scheer could have done any more and done anything better that he did in my case. Mr. Scheer was there when I needed either a sympathetic ear or an admonishment to stiffen my backbone.
I was guilty as sin and the Fed’s had me cold. Tony negotiated a deal that was way better than I expected. He is the rare combination of smart attorney and salesman. I recommend him to anyone who will listen.
I was involved in a high profile criminal case in 2008. I hired a well-known and experienced local criminal Attorney. I paid him a significant amount of money but my case was handled in a very destructive way. It became a complex case. I had to find another attorney. Other attorneys were hesitant to take my case because of the mistakes my previous attorney made. Tony Scheer, whom I call an angel sent from God, took my case. We started on a nine month struggle to get me justice. He took many different roles in my case from dealing with the Attorney General’s office, with my immigration issues, and the civil forfeiture. His thoroughness, wisdom, and diplomatic skills brought me back home to my fragile family. He used his skills wisely to negotiate my case with the U.S. Government. He guided the immigration attorney every step of the way. When I was in custody I would call Mr. Scheer to discuss my case, he always took my calls, even on vacation! And lastly, during my absence he never billed my wife or demanded money. On the contrary, he called to give her emotional and mental support. It was very much needed. It has been 7 years and not a day goes by that I don’t pray for him! Thank you Mr. Scheer, you have been a blessing.
I needed an excellent personal injury lawyer to represent me in a case against the city. I had heard excellent things about Rawls, Scheer, Foster & Mingo and I was not disappointed. Amanda Mingo and the staff are professional, knowledgeable and talented. I highly recommend their services.
Amanda handled our personal injury case involving a drunk driver. From the very first contact she was very understanding of our feelings as a result of the serious bodily injuries inflicted upon the passengers in our vehicle. At all times Amanda was professional, caring and persistent in dealing with the parties involved. I would not hesitate to use the services she provided in the future.
She was listening from day one when I came in with a 2.5 yr old drunk driver rear ended me case. Got all my medical and future medical needs paid for. Told me yes she can take my case when 3 others told me it’s not possible to get this filed Int’l time. Well.. she did with great results. I told her she could be aggressive on my case because I had already paid my medical bills to date. She was. Received $5k more than was planned because I let her do her thing. Very highly recommend by a person who likes to control things.. me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing.
Amanda and her paralegal always kept me in the loop throughout my case and got me a great settlement. I could not asked for more and felt like she was a friend always concerned about my best interests.
The moment I shook hands with Katie in our initial consult I knew I was in safe hands. She was recommended to me by Cpt. Chuck Henson, who is familiar with the same defendant I have had issues with in the past. She not only prepared for the case in a very short amount of time, becoming very familiar and intimate with all pertinent details of the incident as well as prior history. Katie was tremendous in preparing me as well as my close friend who was indicated in the incident while trying to help me in a very dangerous situation. I was able to obtain a 50B for a years time and she also has offered to attend my next court date for the DA’s prosecution. One that I missed before due to a number of reasons, one a great lack of confidence. I believe with Katie by my side at the trial I will absolutely be able to follow through. I would not hesitate hiring Katie or recommending her to any friend, associate or acquaintance.
Ms. Clary is the precisely kind of attorney I had hoped to find to assist me in my legal matters. She is highly skilled and very competent in her legal knowledge and is able to articulate matters and concerns she has in ways that lay people can understand. As a client that was more concerned with outcomes than time frames, she worked with me to achieve the best possible resolution and did not attempt to pressure me to reach a more expedient resolution. She was more than willing to continue the case until she felt that the best resolution could be reached. in communications Ms. Clary or her assistant(s) was always prompt in communicating with me, and kept me adequately informed. I was pleasantly surprised, on multiple occasions, when discussing the legal strategy of my case with Ms. Clary because she always seemed to have another approach or angle to explore. From requesting evidence, to impeaching potential witnesses, allowing and disallowing continuances, there was always another way to deal with my case. As a client this is something that really made me feel good about the abilities of my attorney. My overall experience with Ms. Clary was resoundingly positive, and i would highly recommend her services.
When I first contacted the law firm Ms. Clary was immediately available to meet with me and listen to what I had to tell her. She was very informative and professional. I had no idea what my chances were for my case but after listening to what I had to say she told me immediately what she could do for me and the likelihood of being exonerated. The fees were straight forward, no hidden costs and they allowed me to make payments which was helpful. Action was taken immediately on my behalf, I risked losing my license and she was able to prevent that from happening, which allowed me to go to and from work without having to worry constantly about my case. Each time I had a case coming up her Legal Assistant would notify me and remind me of the dates and times of upcoming hearings. Ms. Clary and the law firm was always available for any questions I had. I’d certainly recommend her, I was able to trust her with my case and focus on life.
I received a speeding ticket recently which could have affected me in many negative ways. Ms. Clary took this to court for me and resolved quickly having the charges reduced and resulting in a positive manner, less charges and no points on my license. I cannot be more thankful for her and her firm who represented me in such a professional and effective manner. Though I was worried I am no longer and would definitely refer my family and friend to her. Upon the initial email I sent there was never a delay or question to how this could be handled for me. The follow up was also quick which I appreciated so. Thank you to Stephanie who responded so kindly and answered any and all questions I had concerning this matter
This matter for our grandson was handled in a manner that I believe will keep my grandson on the correct path. Very easy to work with your firm, thank you
Thank You Mrs Cunningham Clary, I’m very pleased with your job, you are awesome, you and your firm are the best in everything. God Bless you.

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Crystal Brooks
Crystal B.
05:34 04 Nov 23
Some of the best attorneys in Charlotte!
Cat E.
Cat E.
03:05 30 Jul 23
Solid attorney smart, knows the system
Todd Wolfram
Todd W.
18:46 17 Jun 23
Tony Scheer & Eli Timberg are truly THE exceptional lawyers and human beings who define going above and beyond the standard when it comes to their work. I was being charged with a terrible crime that I committed as an accident which could have put me away for a long time and ruined my life. Tony and Eli were the only Lawyers I interviewed working with that saw the realism, honesty, and harshness for the situation, because of this they had the strive, heart, and unabashed passion to help me. Other lawyers offered to sit back and wait for me to get a plea offer but not Tony Scheer and Eli Timberg. Before the case had even reached a probable cause hearing, Tony Scheer, with his many years of experience, had already devised an incredible strategy, and brought decades of knowledge to the table. Eli Timberg connected me with a Private Investigator, a Psych Evaluator, and a Polygraph Test all in order to show the court what type of person I am and how I did not mean to stumble into this accident. With his hard work to go above and beyond to humanize me to the District Attorney, Eli Timberg got my case fully dismissed. Through the entire process, he was there any moment I needed him and was always willing to be realistic and forward with what his plans and thoughts were. Eli Timberg is an incredibly smart guy who reminds me of Matt Daemon in The Rainmaker, A lawyer who doesn’t just work his job, he lives his job because of the amount of passion he has for everyone he represents.To say I owe him anything less than my life is an understatement, no amount of appreciation I can show him or for his work will ever compare to what he actually deserves.
Delaney Mizell
Delaney M.
16:46 20 Mar 23
I highly recommend this firm! I was in a car accident and received assistance from Amanda Mingo and Jackie Shubert. After my accident, I didn’t know if I needed a lawyer or not. Amanda and Jackie both took time to talk with me and answer all of the questions I had as well as provide me with information regarding the process that I was unaware of. They are professional, patient, thorough and all around great people. Outside of working to make sure I received my maximum financial benefit, they made sure I was ok. They would consistently follow up to see how I was healing from my accident and to see if I needed anything. Their support was invaluable. I hope I do not have an accident again, but if I do, I will work with no one other than them. Thank you both for all you do for your clients. You are amazing!
Anjella M Tabor-Smith/AERS/EXP/UTIA
Anjella M T.
17:35 20 Jan 23
Amanda Mingo and her team are the best! I got in a pretty bad motorcycle crash right before moving to Australia and they made the whole process stress free and easy so i could focus on recovery and moving overseas. I’m so thankful for them and all the work they did for us during that time. They were able to get a payout that covered all my medical bills and that had alot left over for future care if I ever need it. I couldn’t imagine going through this without them. If you are ever injured and need help, these are the people to go to.
Jairus Verdouw
Jairus V.
22:42 22 Nov 22
Katie Clary is a amazing person and lawyer. I recommend her to everyone I come across that may need a lawyer. Thank you guys for everything.
Breona Denise
Breona D.
01:06 04 Nov 22
Ms. Clary is a queen! Best representation I’ve ever had
Vic Tor
Vic T.
03:21 30 Sep 22
Best law firm in Charlotte. Attorney Clary, Attorney Eli Parker, and their team work to achieve the best legal outcome for their clients. I would say they perform miracles. Stephanie, the legal assistant is awesome in her own right. Communication is everything you would want facing any legal battle, and this team definitely achieves that. My case was dismissed.
Tennile Friday
Tennile F.
13:39 11 Aug 22
Great service, representation and communication.
joshua blackwell
joshua B.
18:03 25 May 22
Katie and Stephanie were such a great help with my case, especially during these crazy pandemic times. I highly recommend them for legal help!
Hope Curtis
Hope C.
21:43 03 May 22
If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney, Katie Clary is who you NEED to represent you! She is a BEAST! She is not only unbelievably thorough, but she is also as honest as they get! She will fight for you the entire way. If anyone can get your charges DISMISSED, it’s Katie! And her paralegal, Stephanie is a sweetheart! She is right there to answer any questions you have every step of the way, whenever Katie is unavailable! This office is full of incredibly TALENTED legal counsel, and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend every single one of them whether you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, personal injury, etc. Don’t wait any longer, call Katie TODAY and I PROMISE you won’t regret it! She is truly an ANGEL in my life, and she gave me more than just “my charges dismissed”, she gave me a fresh start at life and for that I could never thank her enough! She allowed me to put one stupid decision behind me (yet was holding me back in so many ways) and begin again! Thank you! Five stars for me without a doubt!
Dana Lempp
Dana L.
10:35 12 Apr 22
Ms. Clary has done an excellent job representing me. Had my charges dismissed and I am very great for her. She will fight to the very end. I have talked to many lawyers before her name came in. And the others were just treating me like just a number. And some of them I remembered their names and when I saw them in the court room representing other I knew I had made the right choice in going with clary and not them. I would recommend her to anyone who is need of help. When you first call her you know you made the right call. She jus doesn’t go for the touchdown or the field Goal, she will also go for that fumble if I can put it football terms. She was great to work with. Oh thank you to Stephanie as well for being their to answer or get any answers I need when Ms. Clary was not available.
Jorge Pascual
Jorge P.
16:39 01 Oct 21
Do not think for another second on retaining any other attorney—hire Katie Clary. She is responsive, diligent and one of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered. Her commitment to my family and our case made a world of difference. As someone who has (unfortunately) had to deal with a lot of attorneys, Katie was an absolute joy to work with.
Mary Catherine Dickert
Mary Catherine D.
13:25 03 Sep 21
Good took a few days to resolve legal issue fast and a reasonable price given the situation.
Youtube Traveler
Youtube T.
02:23 30 Jan 21
Generally speaking, I am not one to review a professional. However, today I feel like I owe it to others to inform them of what an amazing attorney Ms. Clary is. Not that I am always in need of an attorney, but life happens. Ms. Clary has been a rock to many people and she deserves the acknowledgement.
Kelly C
Kelly C
16:18 01 Dec 20
Alison Militello (Ali)
Alison Militello (.
12:00 28 Sep 20
Mr. Rawls is an amazing attorney who genuinely cares for his clients and will ensure you receive the best he can provide.
Eyes of Hail
Eyes of H.
15:04 11 Mar 20
My life suddenly and devastatingly changed several years ago when I was severely injured in a fall. My husband, who had retired from 30 years of work in the justice system, knew immediately I would need the services of a superior attorney and he knew just who to call. I was soon to see Amanda at my side in the hospital, and throughout the process, in some of the darkest days of my life, there she remained. The final outcome was a true blessing despite the significant legal obstacles and I highly recommend this awesome legal warrior and hugely compassionate woman to anyone in need of representation.
01:15 04 Mar 20
Mrs Clary was simply amazing to work with. Thank you for the best outcome possible
Todd H
Todd H
13:27 27 Feb 20
Definitely RECOMMEND her services. She was Amazing and got my case dismissed.
Robert Burras
Robert B.
22:56 11 Dec 19
Black Screen
Black S.
04:52 13 Nov 19
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Eben Rawls to anyone in need of a lawyer for criminal defence. Mr Rawls not only understands the law he is also well respected in the court system in Charlotte. In addition to the legal aspect, Mr Rawls is a caring, understanding and compassionate man. I was kept informed every step of the way with my case and Mr Rawls answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Mr Rawls was honest in his assessment of my case and made the law clear to me from the outset. I am forever grateful to Mr Rawls for representing me
Craig Steyn
Craig S.
16:40 02 Sep 19
Katie is 1st class! My Ex-wife is out of control and will stop at nothing. She had the police charge me with Cyber Stalking with absolutely zero proof. This was only found out once we went to the trial and the office admitted he did not have any PC to charger me.Katie got it 100% dismissed. She is Hard Working, Detailed and extremely professional!Would hire again, but I really hope I don’t have to! 🙂
Timothy McKeithan
Timothy M.
19:20 28 Aug 19
Amanda Mingo and her team are great! She was thorough, timely and followed through and exceeded my expectations for my case involving workers compensation insurance/fine. The firm is always my first recommendation for any situation! Thanks again!
andrew bedrosian
andrew B.
16:04 06 Apr 19
Rashaud Peete
Rashaud P.
19:00 25 Jan 19
Daija Shaw
Daija S.
03:27 23 Jan 19
Mr. Rawls handled my case with complete class and professionalism. He always told the truth and never gave empty promises. Throughout the year and a half long process, Eben was right by my side with not only legal counsel, but also support. He genuinely cared about the outcome and how it would affect my life. Eben Rawls gets results in a professional, honest way. If you are considering going with Eben and his team, your decision should be a no-brainer!
Bobby Thomas
Bobby T.
17:54 23 Jul 18
Eben, Janel, and the 2 Receptionist as well as Linda….You couldn’t ask for a better team to have on your side…They make you feel like family…. When your going through something it makes you feel good to know that your legal team is on your side, and not just a client .. Words cant even explain the love shown through this wonderful team….I RATE THEM WITH 10 **********”S …
Ms. Dee
Ms. D.
14:25 11 Apr 18
Reg Hamel and Tania are hard working, thorough and tenacious. A great legal team to have on your side.
Pravin Thakur
Pravin T.
05:49 17 Dec 15
I dont think there is a word to describe this law firm ( Janeen, Mariana) Words can;t describe it you guys are just awesome…. i have a deportation case and after approval of my i130 it was denied again and these ladies won the appeal for me after 13 years they did in less than 1 year… Thank you GOD BLESS RICHLY…..
02:24 17 Dec 13

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