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Criminal Defense

I want to thank you all for saving my life….I know you went to considerable effort and expended considerable energy and time to obtain the best possible resolution for me, and that this process was not straightforward and required great skill to accomplish. I know that you believed in me, did not waver in your belief in me, and articulated this belief clearly and effectively when it mattered most. I know that you put your heart into this. You did not see me as a criminal, but as a human being, and in many ways, I felt, as a colleague.

Fact: It is not uncommon for an innocent person to be charged with a crime and face being locked up for something that they did not do. It is even more common that someone who did something wrong is grossly “overcharged,” where the Government tries to punish them far more severely than they deserve. Even more common than that is the defendant who never gets to show the judge the valid reasons why they should be given a break. The criminal justice system can swallow a person swept up in it unless they have an experienced, skillful, and caring lawyer.

Hire a Criminal Justice Attorney in Charlotte

Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo’s criminal defense attorneys have been representing people charged with crimes for more than 30 years. Though each lawyer focuses their practice on certain areas of criminal law, as a group the firm represents people charged with any crime – from complex federal fraud conspiracies to major violent crimes charged in state court, to driving while impaired, and even speeding tickets. While the majority of RSCM’s criminal cases are in Charlotte, the firm represents many clients elsewhere throughout North Carolina, the United States, and even occasionally overseas.

Our Criminal Defense Legal Services

Everyone on RSCM’s criminal defense team is a trial lawyer with years of success in trying cases to judges and juries. All are former prosecutors or public defenders. Most are Board Certified Specialists in both State and Federal Criminal Law and have received the distinguished recognition by their peers as “Preeminent” in the field through Martindale Hubbell. They have received numerous other awards as well, but the highest praise comes from their clients, which you can read on each lawyer’s bio page.

What is “Criminal Defense”?

The term “criminal defense” encompasses a wide array of cases. A person can be charged with crimes in two separate systems – State and Federal. The State has jurisdiction over almost any crime committed within its borders; petty crimes (such as traffic offenses and misdemeanors), as well as felonies ranging from drug trafficking, violent crimes such as rape and other sex offenses and murder. The State also prosecutes financial or “white collar” crimes in certain cases.

Federal vs. Local Defense

The United States Justice Department prosecutes cases in Federal Court. The federal prosecutors may be based out of “Main Justice” in Washington, DC, or located in the local district offices around the country. Federal cases in North Carolina are usually prosecuted in the District Courts based in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Most people know of the Federal cases where interstate or international borders are crossed. Federal prosecutors also charge people for local drug trafficking, bank frauds and other violations of the currency laws, child pornography, tax evasion, gun law violations, environmental crimes, and immigration frauds.

Getting Justice When Charged In a Criminal Case

Whether charged in State or Federal courts, criminal cases can be extremely complex. Most of the court cases that make the news are criminal charges. Pretrial publicity, highly technical forensic evidence, and the fear brought on by the mere mention of certain charges make preparing and presenting serious felonies very challenging. Law school does very little to prepare a lawyer to handle criminal cases. Even DWI defense is an extremely technical area of the law that most lawyers are incapable of handling well. Good training, years of practice, a constant desire to learn new things, diligence in keeping up with developments in the law, and absolute commitment to representing people that others assume are bad, are the ingredients to making a good criminal defense lawyer. Every person charged with a crime deserves nothing less.

“Now that I am home and happy, I would like to thank you for taking care of me the way you did. All your hard work went above and beyond the call of duty, and I (and my family) will never forget what you did for me. ”

Meet Our Criminal Defense Team

  • Eben Rawls
    Eben Rawls,
    Of Counsel

    Eben Rawls founded the firm in 1985 and has handled virtually every kind of criminal case in state and Federal court at some point in his career.

  • Tony Scheer
    Tony Scheer,

    Tony Scheer is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice in the areas of criminal defense. He is a former prosecutor and is a Board Certified Specialist in the areas of State and Federal Criminal Law.

  • Katie Clary
    Katie Clary,

    Katie Clary’s practice is dedicated entirely to criminal defense with the exception of her work with domestic violence protective orders.

  • Eli Timberg
    Eli Timberg,
    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Eli Timberg is a criminal defense attorney with a focus on domestic violence, drugs, and DWI and a track record of delivering for his clients.

  • Hanna Hamilton
    Hanna Hamilton,
    Criminal Defense, Litigation Associate

    Hanna Hamilton is a litigation associate who focuses her practice on criminal defense in both North Carolina state court as well as Federal court. She is passionate about criminal defense and is dedicated to serving as a fierce and compassionate advocate to all.

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