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Criminal Defense Reviews

I was grateful to have Katie representing me. She is sharp, on the ball, firm when necessary, and is incredibly through. She asks all the right questions, hones in on the details, and is extremely professional. I could not have asked for better representation.

Mr. Scheer is tough, smart, dedicated and practical. He is a straight shooter who gave me the facts and explained the potential outcomes so that I could participate fully in all proceedings. He went far beyond the call of duty in his efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for me. He worked within the system when appropriate but backed down from no one if he met resistance. I do not believe that Mr. Scheer could have done any more and done anything better that he did in my case. Mr. Scheer was there when I needed either a sympathetic ear or an admonishment to stiffen my backbone.

The moment I shook hands with Katie in our initial consult I knew I was in safe hands. She was recommended to me by Cpt. Chuck Henson, who is familiar with the same defendent I have had issues with in the past. She not only prepared for the case in a very short amount of time, becoming very familiar and intimate with all pertinant details of the incident as well as prior history. Katie was tremendous in preparing me as well as my close friend who was indicated in the incident while trying to help me in a very dangerous situation. I was able to obtain a 50B for a years time and she also has offered to attend my next court date for the DA’s prosecution. One that I missed before due to a number of reasons, one a great lack of confidence. I believe with Katie by my side at the trial I will absolutely be able to follow through. I would not hesitate hiring Katie or recommending her to any friend, associate or aquaintance.

Tony Scheer and his team handled my case with expertise and professionalism. At one of the most difficult times of my life, I was able to rely on his wonderful guidance and heart felt support like I was part of his family in trouble. The people at RSFM go to great lengths to get the most desirable outcome possible for your case and hardly take “no” for an answer. They were relentless in working for my benefit in my case. He was able to get a great deal for me. To this day, I can always count on Tony and his team to give me advice and answer questions I might need. I will always call Tony and his team if I need a great lawyer and he will always be the first lawyer I recommend to anyone.

Ms. Clary is the precisely kind of attorney I had hoped to find to assist me in my legal matters. She is highly skilled and very competent in her legal knowledge and is able to articulate matters and concerns she has in ways that lay people can understand. As a client that was more concerned with outcomes than time frames, she worked with me to achieve the best possible resolution and did not attempt to pressure me to reach a more expedient resolution. She was more than willing to continue the case until she felt that the best resolution could be reached. in communications Ms. Clary or her assistant(s) was always prompt in communicating with me, and kept me adequately informed.

I was pleasantly surprised, on multiple occasions, when discussing the legal strategy of my case with Ms. Clary because she always seemed to have another approach or angle to explore. From requesting evidence, to impeaching potential witnesses, allowing and disallowing continuances, there was always another way to deal with my case. As a client this is something that really made me feel good about the abilities of my attorney.

My overall experience with Ms. Clary was resoundingly positive, and i would highly recommend her services.

My experience in dealing with Anthony Scheer was impeccable. An acquaintance of mine advised me to hire Tony as he has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable, capable, and professional. What was key to me, is that not only is he knowledgeable, he sincerely cares for your situation. You are not just another client to him. He is very understanding of how difficult and life changing the process can be and he goes the extra mile for you. I highly recommend him.

When I first contacted the law firm Ms. Clary was immediately available to meet with me and listen to what I had to tell her. She was very informative and professional. I had no idea what my chances were for my case but after listening to what I had to say she told me immediately what she could do for me and the likelihood of being exonerated. The fees were straight forward, no hidden costs and they allowed me to make payments which was helpful. Action was taken immediately on my behalf, I risked losing my license and she was able to prevent that from happening, which allowed me to go to and from work without having to worry constantly about my case. Each time I had a case coming up her Legal Assistant would notify me and remind me of the dates and times of upcoming hearings. Ms. Clary and the law firm was always available for any questions I had. I’d certainly recommend her, I was able to trust her with my case and focus on life.

I received a speeding ticket recently which could have affected me in many negative ways. Ms. Clary took this to court for me and resolved quickly having the charges reduced and resulting in a positive manner, less charges and no points on my license. I cannot be more thankful for her and her firm who represented me in such a professional and effecitve manner. Though I was worried I am no longer and would definitly refer my family and friend to her. Upon the initial email I sent there was never a delay or question to how this could be handeled for me. The follow up was also quick which I appreciated so. Thank you to Stepahnie who responded so kindly and answered any and all questions I had concerning this matter

This matter for our grandson was handled in a manner that I believe will keep my grandson on the correct path. Very easy to work with your firm, thank you

Thank You Mrs Cunningham Clary, I’m very pleased with your job, you are awsome, you and your firm are the best in everything.
God Bless you.

I was involved in a high profile criminal case in 2008. I hired a well-known and experienced local criminal Attorney. I paid him a significant amount of money but my case was handled in a very destructive way. It became a complex case. I had to find another attorney. Other attorneys were hesitant to take my case because of the mistakes my previous attorney made. Tony Scheer, whom I call an angel sent from God, took my case. We started on a nine month struggle to get me justice. He took many different roles in my case from dealing with the Attorney General’s office, with my immigration issues, and the civil forfeiture. His thoroughness, wisdom, and diplomatic skills brought me back home to my fragile family. He used his skills wisely to negotiate my case with the U.S. Government. He guided the immigration attorney every step of the way. When I was in custody I would call Mr. Scheer to discuss my case, he always took my calls, even on vacation! And lastly, during my absence he never billed my wife or demanded money. On the contrary, he called to give her emotional and mental support. It was very much needed. It has been 7 years and not a day goes by that I don’t pray for him! Thank you Mr. Scheer, you have been a blessing.

The results Ms. Clary obtained while representing me were better than I was originally led to believe. I can only describe it as “magic”. I hope I never have to use her services again, but if I ever do, I won’t hesitate one bit to contact her.

There seemed to be little hope, or a silver lining, when my world was turned upside down. When facing my darkest days, I just needed someone to be on my side. From the initial meeting with Tony and Mark, I knew I had found the people who would be in my corner. Without their expertise, resources and constant encouragement, I honestly don’t know that I could have survived the ordeal I went through. I am forever grateful for all of the work and determination they gave in order to secure a dismissal. Tony and Mark are who you want to have on your side when facing your darkest days.

I was guilty as sin and the Fed’s had me cold. Tony negotiated a deal that was way better than I expected. He is the rare combination of smart attorney and salesman. I recommend him to anyone who will listen.

Eben did an excellent job handling my son’s case. His years of experience provided us with hope in a complicated case. Eben takes time out for his clients and understands how to unravel unique cases in order to get the most positive result possible. NT

I want to thank Mr.Rawls for the amazing job he did for me and my husband. Not only is he an amazing lawyer but also a wonderful friend. I would use him or his office any day. Thanks again EBEN. I cant think you enough for all you have done for us. You’re the best.

Mr Rawls provided great representation and advise. This was my first time being accused and Mr Rawls was fantastic in walking me through the process. He eventually got my case thrown out of court. I would highly recommend him to anyone being accused.

The trial was dominated by defense attorney Eben Rawls, who is among Charlotte’s most successful lawyers in obtaining DWI acquittals. (Charlotte Observer)

Great! Great! Great!…Indeed, I am confident that this success would not have been possible without the significant level of professionalism and creativity which you brought to this responsibility. We were fortunate to enjoy your presence, and I commend you for having developed a strategy which proved successful.

I want to thank you all for saving my life….I know you went to considerable effort and expended considerable energy and time to obtain the best possible resolution for me, and that this process was not straightforward and required great skill to accomplish. I know that you believed in me, did not waver in your belief in me, and articulated this belief clearly and effectively when it mattered most. I know that you put your heart into this. You did not see me as a criminal, but as a human being, and in many ways, I felt, as a colleague.

Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’. I do believe you must be the best attorney in Charlotte!…I will definitely pass the word, I really do appreciate all of your hard work.

Now that I am home and happy, I would like to thank you for taking care of me the way you did. All your hard work went above and beyond the call of duty, and I (and my family) will never forget what you did for me. I feel that you really cared for my welfare, as did your wonderful assistant. I thank you both more than I can say!

I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your help. Your kind acceptance and handling of my case put it out of my mind almost entirely, and the dismissal, of course, was a joy. Thank you so much.

Thank you for all your support, thank you for finding another option and for showing the “heart” of my daughter to others…We both thank God that miracles do happen and that through all of this, our faith and trust in others grows. Thank You.

I thought RSFM was the only Law Firm in Charlotte!! They have been my Attorney’s for many year’s & I have alway’s been pleased with there professionalism!! I have also referred many of my associate’s to them as well and they have also been very pleased with there representation of there legal affair’s!! I consider this Law Firm not only my Friend’s but my Family! Especially that really tall Eben & that short guy Tony!! Love you Guy’s!!!

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