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Meet Our Legal Team

If you are visiting this website, it is probably because you are looking for lawyers to help you or someone you know with a serious legal problem. The law firm of Rawls, Scheer, Clary and Mingo has been helping people in Charlotte, throughout North Carolina, and all over the United States since 1985. We bring deep experience to bear in solving our client’s problems. Every one of our partners has been practicing law for at least 10 years, and most for 20 or more.

  • Eben Rawls
    Eben Rawls,
    Of Counsel

    Eben Rawls founded the firm in 1985 and has handled virtually every kind of criminal case in state and Federal court at some point in his career.

  • Tony Scheer
    Tony Scheer,

    Tony Scheer is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice in the areas of criminal defense. He is a former prosecutor and is a Board Certified Specialist in the areas of State and Federal Criminal Law.

  • Katie Clary
    Katie Clary,

    Katie Clary’s practice is dedicated entirely to criminal defense with the exception of her work with domestic violence protective orders.

  • Amanda Mingo
    Amanda Mingo,

    Amanda Mingo is an experienced trial lawyer who represents families who have lost a loved one and people who have been seriously hurt. She helps clients hold accountable those that caused them harm. Amanda’s compassion and ability to address each client’s fears and individual needs sets her apart.

  • Bill Cox
    Bill Cox,
    ABC Case Manager

    Bill Cox, former Chief of Mecklenburg County ABC Law Enforcement serves as our ABC case manager and general ABC consultant.

  • Eli Timberg
    Eli Timberg,
    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Eli Timberg is a criminal defense attorney with a focus on domestic violence, drugs, and DWI and a track record of delivering for his clients.

  • Hanna Hamilton
    Hanna Hamilton,
    Criminal Defense, Litigation Associate

    Hanna Hamilton is a litigation associate who focuses her practice on criminal defense in both North Carolina state court as well as Federal court. She is passionate about criminal defense and is dedicated to serving as a fierce and compassionate advocate to all.

I needed a defense attorney and contacted Amanda and Katie. Their pledge to me was to get it resolved asap at minimal cost. They were both very professional and extremely efficient. Their approach was spot on. 6 weeks later they notified me that the issue was resolved. Highly recommend!
Joshua Sterling
Joshua S.
20:42 20 Jun 24
Crystal Brooks
Crystal B.
05:34 04 Nov 23
Some of the best attorneys in Charlotte!
Cat E.
Cat E.
03:05 30 Jul 23
Solid attorney smart, knows the system
Todd Wolfram
Todd W.
18:46 17 Jun 23
Tony Scheer & Eli Timberg are truly THE exceptional lawyers and human beings who define going above and beyond the standard when it comes to their work. I was being charged with a terrible crime that I committed as an accident which could have put me away for a long time and ruined my life. Tony and Eli were the only Lawyers I interviewed working with that saw the realism, honesty, and harshness for the situation, because of this they had the strive, heart, and unabashed passion to help me. Other lawyers offered to sit back and wait for me to get a plea offer but not Tony Scheer and Eli Timberg. Before the case had even reached a probable cause hearing, Tony Scheer, with his many years of experience, had already devised an incredible strategy, and brought decades of knowledge to the table. Eli Timberg connected me with a Private Investigator, a Psych Evaluator, and a Polygraph Test all in order to show the court what type of person I am and how I did not mean to stumble into this accident. With his hard work to go above and beyond to humanize me to the District Attorney, Eli Timberg got my case fully dismissed. Through the entire process, he was there any moment I needed him and was always willing to be realistic and forward with what his plans and thoughts were. Eli Timberg is an incredibly smart guy who reminds me of Matt Daemon in The Rainmaker, A lawyer who doesn’t just work his job, he lives his job because of the amount of passion he has for everyone he represents.To say I owe him anything less than my life is an understatement, no amount of appreciation I can show him or for his work will ever compare to what he actually deserves.
Delaney Mizell
Delaney M.
16:46 20 Mar 23
I highly recommend this firm! I was in a car accident and received assistance from Amanda Mingo and Jackie Shubert. After my accident, I didn’t know if I needed a lawyer or not. Amanda and Jackie both took time to talk with me and answer all of the questions I had as well as provide me with information regarding the process that I was unaware of. They are professional, patient, thorough and all around great people. Outside of working to make sure I received my maximum financial benefit, they made sure I was ok. They would consistently follow up to see how I was healing from my accident and to see if I needed anything. Their support was invaluable. I hope I do not have an accident again, but if I do, I will work with no one other than them. Thank you both for all you do for your clients. You are amazing!
Anjella M Tabor-Smith/AERS/EXP/UTIA
Anjella M T.
17:35 20 Jan 23
Amanda Mingo and her team are the best! I got in a pretty bad motorcycle crash right before moving to Australia and they made the whole process stress free and easy so i could focus on recovery and moving overseas. I’m so thankful for them and all the work they did for us during that time. They were able to get a payout that covered all my medical bills and that had alot left over for future care if I ever need it. I couldn’t imagine going through this without them. If you are ever injured and need help, these are the people to go to.
Jairus Verdouw
Jairus V.
22:42 22 Nov 22
Katie Clary is a amazing person and lawyer. I recommend her to everyone I come across that may need a lawyer. Thank you guys for everything.
Breona Denise
Breona D.
01:06 04 Nov 22
Ms. Clary is a queen! Best representation I’ve ever had
Vic Tor
Vic T.
03:21 30 Sep 22
Best law firm in Charlotte. Attorney Clary, Attorney Eli Parker, and their team work to achieve the best legal outcome for their clients. I would say they perform miracles. Stephanie, the legal assistant is awesome in her own right. Communication is everything you would want facing any legal battle, and this team definitely achieves that. My case was dismissed.
Tennile Friday
Tennile F.
13:39 11 Aug 22
Great service, representation and communication.
joshua blackwell
joshua B.
18:03 25 May 22
Katie and Stephanie were such a great help with my case, especially during these crazy pandemic times. I highly recommend them for legal help!
Hope Curtis
Hope C.
21:43 03 May 22
If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney, Katie Clary is who you NEED to represent you! She is a BEAST! She is not only unbelievably thorough, but she is also as honest as they get! She will fight for you the entire way. If anyone can get your charges DISMISSED, it’s Katie! And her paralegal, Stephanie is a sweetheart! She is right there to answer any questions you have every step of the way, whenever Katie is unavailable! This office is full of incredibly TALENTED legal counsel, and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend every single one of them whether you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, personal injury, etc. Don’t wait any longer, call Katie TODAY and I PROMISE you won’t regret it! She is truly an ANGEL in my life, and she gave me more than just “my charges dismissed”, she gave me a fresh start at life and for that I could never thank her enough! She allowed me to put one stupid decision behind me (yet was holding me back in so many ways) and begin again! Thank you! Five stars for me without a doubt!
Dana Lempp
Dana L.
10:35 12 Apr 22
Ms. Clary has done an excellent job representing me. Had my charges dismissed and I am very great for her. She will fight to the very end. I have talked to many lawyers before her name came in. And the others were just treating me like just a number. And some of them I remembered their names and when I saw them in the court room representing other I knew I had made the right choice in going with clary and not them. I would recommend her to anyone who is need of help. When you first call her you know you made the right call. She jus doesn’t go for the touchdown or the field Goal, she will also go for that fumble if I can put it football terms. She was great to work with. Oh thank you to Stephanie as well for being their to answer or get any answers I need when Ms. Clary was not available.
Jorge Pascual
Jorge P.
16:39 01 Oct 21
Do not think for another second on retaining any other attorney—hire Katie Clary. She is responsive, diligent and one of the most intelligent people I have ever encountered. Her commitment to my family and our case made a world of difference. As someone who has (unfortunately) had to deal with a lot of attorneys, Katie was an absolute joy to work with.
Mary Catherine Dickert
Mary Catherine D.
13:25 03 Sep 21
Good took a few days to resolve legal issue fast and a reasonable price given the situation.
Youtube Traveler
Youtube T.
02:23 30 Jan 21
Generally speaking, I am not one to review a professional. However, today I feel like I owe it to others to inform them of what an amazing attorney Ms. Clary is. Not that I am always in need of an attorney, but life happens. Ms. Clary has been a rock to many people and she deserves the acknowledgement.
Kelly C
Kelly C
16:18 01 Dec 20
Alison Militello (Ali)
Alison Militello (.
12:00 28 Sep 20
Mr. Rawls is an amazing attorney who genuinely cares for his clients and will ensure you receive the best he can provide.
Eyes of Hail
Eyes of H.
15:04 11 Mar 20
My life suddenly and devastatingly changed several years ago when I was severely injured in a fall. My husband, who had retired from 30 years of work in the justice system, knew immediately I would need the services of a superior attorney and he knew just who to call. I was soon to see Amanda at my side in the hospital, and throughout the process, in some of the darkest days of my life, there she remained. The final outcome was a true blessing despite the significant legal obstacles and I highly recommend this awesome legal warrior and hugely compassionate woman to anyone in need of representation.
01:15 04 Mar 20
Mrs Clary was simply amazing to work with. Thank you for the best outcome possible
Todd H
Todd H
13:27 27 Feb 20
Definitely RECOMMEND her services. She was Amazing and got my case dismissed.
Robert Burras
Robert B.
22:56 11 Dec 19
Black Screen
Black S.
04:52 13 Nov 19
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Eben Rawls to anyone in need of a lawyer for criminal defence. Mr Rawls not only understands the law he is also well respected in the court system in Charlotte. In addition to the legal aspect, Mr Rawls is a caring, understanding and compassionate man. I was kept informed every step of the way with my case and Mr Rawls answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. Mr Rawls was honest in his assessment of my case and made the law clear to me from the outset. I am forever grateful to Mr Rawls for representing me
Craig Steyn
Craig S.
16:40 02 Sep 19
Katie is 1st class! My Ex-wife is out of control and will stop at nothing. She had the police charge me with Cyber Stalking with absolutely zero proof. This was only found out once we went to the trial and the office admitted he did not have any PC to charger me.Katie got it 100% dismissed. She is Hard Working, Detailed and extremely professional!Would hire again, but I really hope I don’t have to! 🙂
Timothy McKeithan
Timothy M.
19:20 28 Aug 19
Amanda Mingo and her team are great! She was thorough, timely and followed through and exceeded my expectations for my case involving workers compensation insurance/fine. The firm is always my first recommendation for any situation! Thanks again!
andrew bedrosian
andrew B.
16:04 06 Apr 19
Rashaud Peete
Rashaud P.
19:00 25 Jan 19
Daija Shaw
Daija S.
03:27 23 Jan 19
Mr. Rawls handled my case with complete class and professionalism. He always told the truth and never gave empty promises. Throughout the year and a half long process, Eben was right by my side with not only legal counsel, but also support. He genuinely cared about the outcome and how it would affect my life. Eben Rawls gets results in a professional, honest way. If you are considering going with Eben and his team, your decision should be a no-brainer!
Bobby Thomas
Bobby T.
17:54 23 Jul 18
Eben, Janel, and the 2 Receptionist as well as Linda….You couldn’t ask for a better team to have on your side…They make you feel like family…. When your going through something it makes you feel good to know that your legal team is on your side, and not just a client .. Words cant even explain the love shown through this wonderful team….I RATE THEM WITH 10 **********”S …
Ms. Dee
Ms. D.
14:25 11 Apr 18
Reg Hamel and Tania are hard working, thorough and tenacious. A great legal team to have on your side.
Pravin Thakur
Pravin T.
05:49 17 Dec 15
I dont think there is a word to describe this law firm ( Janeen, Mariana) Words can;t describe it you guys are just awesome…. i have a deportation case and after approval of my i130 it was denied again and these ladies won the appeal for me after 13 years they did in less than 1 year… Thank you GOD BLESS RICHLY…..
02:24 17 Dec 13

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