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Federal Criminal Lawyer

Many people do not know that the State and Federal governments each have separate criminal codes (statutes) and their own criminal courts. In other words, there are many bad acts for which a person can be charged in either State court, Federal court, or both (in rare cases).

Everyone knows that crimes committed while crossing state or international lines, and those in which interstate facilities are used, usually end up in Federal court. These commonly include interstate racketeering, tax crimes, organized crime, immigration, and certain crimes using the internet such as child pornography. Less obvious federal crimes that you would think would be in the local state courts would include robbery, drug dealing, and frauds (i.e. bank fraud, wire fraud, and mortgage fraud).

Regardless of the reason a case is “taken Federally,” when the United States Government targets a person, the prosecution is entirely different from a State case. Federal prosecutions are typically more in-depth and complex. Federal prosecutors have vastly more tools available, including investigators from a number of Federal agencies (FBI, DEA, IRS, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Postal Service, etc.), highly specialized forensic laboratories, and budgets that are typically many times greater than State prosecutors have. These cases require an experienced federal criminal lawyer to ensure proper defense.

What is a Federal Lawyer?

People convicted of Federal crimes are sentenced based on the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines – a two-volume book that, in many cases, results in much longer prison sentences. Part of that process involves a lengthy investigation by the United States Probation Office about the details of the case and background of the defendant. The defendant and their defense attorney can dispute that Probation report in hearings that happen before sentencing.

More on federal sentencing guidelines here.

Another difference between Federal and State prosecutions in North Carolina and many states is that Federal prosecutors use “investigative grand juries” to strengthen their case before they even charge someone. This is often an opportunity for an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer to actually prevent their client from being indicted. By conducting their own investigation and negotiating with the prosecutor and agents, some cases are “declined” before the person targeted is even arrested.

Hire Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Rawls, Scheer, Clary, & Mingo’s criminal defense lawyers have many years of experience in both State and Federal court systems. Most lawyers have never appeared in Federal court. Three of RSCM’s lawyers are Board Certified Specialists in State and Federal Criminal Law and have extensive experience in pre-charge grand jury investigations, negotiations, jury trials, and (when necessary), sentencing litigation. Contact our law firm today for a consultation.

What does a federal lawyer do?

A federal lawyer is a defense lawyer who is experienced in dealing with federal charges, federal prosecutors, and arguing cases in federal court. 

More information here.

How much does a federal defense attorney cost?

The cost of a federal case has many factors from the specific charges, size of defense team, timeline, and more. Contact us today to discuss your particular case.

What does defense attorney mean?

A defense attorney defends the accused against the prosecution. In the United States, everyone is granted the right to a fair trial, of which the outcome is determined based on the fair and exhaustive defense of a person accused of a crime.

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  • Eben Rawls
    Eben Rawls,
    Of Counsel

    Eben Rawls founded the firm in 1985 and has handled virtually every kind of criminal case in state and Federal court at some point in his career.

  • Tony Scheer
    Tony Scheer,

    Tony Scheer is a trial lawyer who focuses his practice in the areas of criminal defense. He is a former prosecutor and is a Board Certified Specialist in the areas of State and Federal Criminal Law.

  • Katie Clary
    Katie Clary,

    Katie Clary’s practice is dedicated entirely to criminal defense with the exception of her work with domestic violence protective orders.

  • Eli Timberg
    Eli Timberg,
    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Eli Timberg is a criminal defense attorney with a focus on domestic violence, drugs, and DWI and a track record of delivering for his clients.

  • Hanna Hamilton
    Hanna Hamilton,
    Criminal Defense, Litigation Associate

    Hanna Hamilton is a litigation associate who focuses her practice on criminal defense in both North Carolina state court as well as Federal court. She is passionate about criminal defense and is dedicated to serving as a fierce and compassionate advocate to all.

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