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Meet our Personal Injury Lawyer – Amanda Mingo

Our personal injury attorney Amanda Mingo and the civil litigation team at Rawls, Scheer, Clary& Mingo have been fighting for severely injured clients for over 10 years. They have battled virtually every insurance company and some of the largest corporations in the world. They carry that banner so their clients can focus on healing themselves and their families. Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo is committed to providing aggressive representation for seriously injured clients.

They are not ambulance chasers.

Amanda Mingo has a hard-earned reputation of taking on clients who have legitimate claims – those in which someone has truly suffered a loss and someone else is truly at fault.

In order for someone like that to get back to their happy and productive life, they need two things: A return to good health and full financial compensation for their losses. This begins with a hands-on approach in which the lawyer helps their client obtain the best possible treatment for their injuries. This partnership in recovery between an experienced lawyer and their injured client makes sense. While there is no question that doctors lead the medical treatment, their interaction with the patient is limited to analyzing diagnostics and relatively short face-to-face encounters.

Ms. Mingo and the team at Rawls, Scheer, Clary, & Mingo spend months side-by-side with the client encouraging them to take a proactive approach to their recovery. It is a relationship that often begins when they are invited to visit the client at the hospital or in their home. Years of helping seriously injured people and devastated families have developed a network of medical specialists, therapists and counselors who join the team to improve a client’s outcome. In those cases where a person is injured by someone’s criminal act, like a drunk driver, Ms. Mingo’s experience as a former prosecutor gives her the insight needed to assist the client through their role as a victim-witness for the State.

Thorough Understanding of Injuries and Damages

Only when the team has a thorough understanding of the extent of a client’s injuries, their prognosis, and the collateral damage to their lives does the firm move forward with the necessary legal action to get the maximum compensation for their clients. Whether it is a negotiated settlement providing money to pay all the bills and compensate the client for their suffering, or a trial to secure a multi-million dollar verdict punishing a developer for causing a fatality by being too cheap to put up a traffic light, Ms. Mingo and her team at Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo have walked that long path and helped people – in recovery and financial compensation – for years.

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Personal injuries from car crashes are never planned but occur with great frequency. The process of getting much-needed medical attention, trying to sort through your finances with the likelihood of having to miss time at work, and working through the stress of a life-changing event will leave you wondering who to turn to for help.

The attorneys at Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo, personal injury attorneys in Charlotte, have the necessary experience and compassion to handle your legal case and serve as a strong advocate for your care and well-being. If you have suffered a serious personal injury that calls for representation so that your legal rights remain protected, and you seek a settlement that will provide you with the resources to restore your life, make you ‘whole’ again, and be there for you when you need it, contact us.

It is not reasonable to assume that everyone is properly informed about North Carolina personal injury law. That is why it is extremely important to hire an advocate and representative that is well-versed and experienced in matters that pertain to all aspects of your overall well-being. Our firm has been representing North Carolinian’s for 30 years and we have earned high acclaim by others in the legal community for the hard work and dedication we provide our clients.

One important aspect of the North Carolina personal injury law is that it provides for time limits defining how long you have until you must proceed with legal action. Failure to adhere to these limits will result in your inability to recover expenses and be compensated for losses you have suffered. In some cases, the clock starts ticking at the time of the incident, while others start when you notice a problem. Either way, our attorneys will ensure that you meet the deadlines to protect your rights.

If you have had a serious injury and want to speak with someone who can help you, please contact us.

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Personal Injury Attorneys At RSCM

  • Amanda Mingo
    Amanda Mingo,

    Amanda Mingo is an experienced trial lawyer who represents families who have lost a loved one and people who have been seriously hurt. She helps clients hold accountable those that caused them harm. Amanda’s compassion and ability to address each client’s fears and individual needs sets her apart.

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  • Kim Matthews
    Kim Matthews,
    Trial Lawyer

    Kim Matthews focuses her practice on representing individuals in civil cases involving personal injury and wrongful death.

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