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Exciting Changes Happening at Our Law Firm

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We recently announced that our law firm, Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo, PLLC, is strengthening its commitment to serving the Charlotte area. Our colleague, Katie C. Clary, has become a named partner. We also brought attorney Kimberly R. Matthews into the firm.

These changes are a sign of growth for the firm. We can now boast that we have five attorneys with areas of concentration that include criminal law, whistleblower representation, serious personal injury, wrongful death, professional licensing and administrative law. Our basic focus never changes, however. We remain dedicated to providing exemplary representation for our clients, standing up for people, protecting their rights and delivering results.

Katie Clary earned her place on our letterhead with her remarkable courtroom skill. She is held in high esteem by other attorneys, including even those facing off against her in court. Her undeniable prowess in the field of criminal defense litigation and her authentic commitment to professionalism align well with the values we hold as a firm.

She has proven herself to be a tenacious advocate. Her current client base is quite diverse. She represents professional athletes, members of law enforcement and elite members of Charlotte’s business community. She also represents other attorneys. That alone is a sign of her level of skill.

Katie graduated first in her class and Summa Cum Laude from Queen’s University with a business degree. After a decade-long stint in corporate life, Katie turned her considerable energies toward mastering trial practice at Wake Forest University’s School of Law. There Katie secured a place on Wake’s Moot Court Team, which went on to win the National Moot Court Competition with Katie earning the distinction of being the nation’s “Best Oralist.”

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Katie parlayed her Moot Court advantage into her first legal job at the Mecklenburg County Public Defender’s Office. There, she quickly earned a reputation for excellence, unsurpassed civility, and outstanding preparedness — and did so even though she carried a massive caseload. Katie honed her undeniable talents over the next 16 years.

Kim Matthews has extensive litigation experience. Through scores of appellate successes, she has demonstrated an abiding dedication to civility and professionalism. She has successfully litigated a broad range of cases, including premises liability and wrongful death matters. She has represented Fortune 100 companies and defended claims exceeding one million dollars. Today, she applies her abilities on behalf of Plaintiffs. Kim’s experience in both state and federal courts has prepared her for success at every stage of litigation and on appeal.

As our founding partner, Eben T. Rawls III, put it, “Both Katie and Kim bring a level of expertise and diversity that make our firm even stronger as we continue to excel as trial lawyers. In my over 30 years of legal experience, I’m proud to say our team provides the most robust solutions to our clients that I’ve seen. We have built RSCM’s reputation on the principle that we will care for all of our clients as if they are friends or family members. Katie and Kim embody that vision in their actions both in and out of the courthouse.”

To set up a consultation or discuss your case with any of our attorneys, please contact our team today.