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Rawls, Scheer, Clary, Mingo: Protecting the Rights of Charlotte Citizens

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This year, we have seen an unfortunate uptick in crime within Charlotte, NC and the surrounding Mecklenburg County. In the most recent three-month period, ending in June, there were:

  • 28 homicides (up 40% from last year),
  • 770 robberies (down .3% from last year),
  • 137 sexual assaults (up 9.6% from last year),
  • 1,669 aggravated assaults (up 19.8% from last year),
  • 2,927 burglaries (up 9% from last year),
  • 996 vehicle thefts (up 31.7% from last year).

Neighborhood Scout” says there are 6.2 violent crimes and 36.6 property crimes per 1,000 residents in Charlotte. Both are slightly above the national median. Generally, North Carolina is below average in crime, but Charlotte is slightly less safe than the state as a whole. Criminal activity is focused in the relatively small area of Charlotte. There are 113 criminal acts per square mile in Charlotte which greatly exceeds the national median of 38 crimes per square mile.

Our point: Criminal acts do occur regularly in the city of Charlotte, especially in the dense inner core of the city, and legal proceedings in criminal cases are more common than they are in many other cities.

Crime statistics are always victim-centered, but for each crime there is also the accused. In Charlotte, many people are arrested and held for crimes. However, there is a world of difference between the arrest and the conviction.

Each person being tried for a crime needs the best aggressive criminal defense team possible to represent his or her rights. Many convictions are based on using faulty evidence or ignoring the letter of due process in the courts. These errors can be tragic, especially in an environment where the judiciary is increasingly willing to imprison people.

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Since 1985, the attorneys of Rawls, Scheer, Foster, & Mingo have provided solid legal support for people in trouble. If you or a loved-one needs help, please contact us.