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Car Accident: What To Do Immediately After

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A car accident is an unexpected and stressful time for everyone involved. Even drivers who are cognizant about their surroundings can be involved in an automobile accident. There are important things to do at the scene of the accident that should be completed as soon as possible.

Do Not Run Away – Stay at Scene. Some drivers sometimes drive away from the scene due to nerves or confusion. It is integral that they stay in the scene as to not escalate the situation to a “hit and run” – a situation that may require litigation. Check on all drivers and passengers, making sure that they are physically okay. Get medical attention if required. If the situation is not hazardous, do not move injured people, especially if they are experiencing a neck or back spasms. Movement can aggravate their situation. Call the police as soon as the situation is stabilized.

Start Recording. Take photographs and video footage of physical damage with your smartphone. It is important to paint an accurate picture of the situation in case of s future trial. When the police arrive, make sure to tell investigators exactly what happened from your perspective. Do not speculate or lie. If asked if you are injured, say no. Sometimes adrenaline masks pain. Injuries sometimes become apparent 24 hours after an accident. Also, make sure that statements by any other person in your vehicle is contingent with yours.

Exchange Contact Information. Obtain the telephone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of all persons involved. If an investigator asks for witnesses in the future, you will have the means of contacting them. You should also obtain information about car insurance.

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