Emily Isaacs was the second defendant to plead guilty Thursday. She drove the two shooters away from the murder scenes and had also testified at their trials.

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The mother of Rosool Harrell told Isaacs in court that she is just as guilty as the others and later shared her feelings with Channel 9.

“She was walking around like everything was OK,” Jackie Harrell said. “Like she had no part of it. But she drove the car that they came and shot my son.”

Isaacs apologized in court.

Her attorneys had hoped she would not go to prison, but the judge sentenced her to a little more than four years for her role in the murders.

They said Isaacs was swept away by one of the suspects, who she met days before the murders.

“Over the next three days, he basically took control of her life through giving her drugs,” defense attorney Eben Rawls said.