Our Firm’s Overview

Our law firm has been helping people since 1985. What we do at Rawls, Scheer, Foster and Mingo is simple — our clients come to us with a problem and we guide them to the best possible resolution. We work tirelessly and fearlessly to accomplish this singular goal.

Our clients are charged with crimes, they have been injured, they are under investigation, or their small business or professional standing are being threatened. For over 30 years, we have stood between our clients and those who would do them harm, assuring that they are heard, that their rights are protected, and that no one – not the government, the police or some big corporation is going to railroad them. We have built RSFM’s reputation on the principle that each of our clients will be taken care of by this firm as though they were one of our own.

Rawls, Scheer, Foster, & Mingo is recognized by many peer review surveys to be among the best law firms in country, and has received the distinguished “AV-Preeminent” rating from Martindale Hubbell. Every one of us is a trial lawyer with years of experience in the courtroom. Many of our lawyers are Board Certified specialists in their field. Each one has earned the respect of the judges and lawyers we work with on a daily basis.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about us, look for reviews, ask someone you know in the legal community, or simply or scroll down to learn more about our lawyers.

Meet Our Legal Team

If you are visiting this website, it is probably because you are looking for lawyers to help you or someone you know with a serious legal problem. The law firm of Rawls, Scheer, Foster and Mingo has been helping people in Charlotte, throughout North Carolina, and all over the United States since 1985. We bring deep experience to bear in solving our client’s problems. Every one of our partners has been practicing law for at least 10 years, and most for 20 or more.


Eben T. Rawls III, partnerinbluebg

Eben Rawls founded the firm in 1985 and has handled virtually every kind of criminal case in state and Federal court at some point in his career.


Anthony G. Scheer, partnerinbluebg

Tony Scheer came to the law as a second career in 1992. He represents only people charged with major felonies and federal crimes, as well whistleblowers who report frauds against the government.


Mark P. Foster Jr., partnerinbluebg

Mark Foster is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel who began practicing law in 1981 in California and did civil and criminal litigation before relocating to Charlotte in 1996. He now handles cases for people charged with virtually any crime.


Amanda A. Mingo, partnerinbluebg

Amanda Mingo is a civil lawyer whose main focus is personal injury and wrongful death claims, but she handles several other types of litigation including insurance disputes and whistleblower cases. She has been practicing since 1997.


Kathleen C. Clary, partnerinbluebg

Katie Clary’s practice is dedicated entirely to criminal defense with the exception of her work with domestic violence protective orders.


William F. Hamel Lawyerinbluebg

Bill Hamel has practiced law for 47 years in North Carolina and has helped many people over the years. When a problem for a client could not be resolved through negotiation or mediation, Mr. Hamel has tried many cases and obtained positive results as favorably and timely as possible.


Reginald S. Hamel Lawyerinbluebg

In August of 2015, I began my 54th consecutive year of practicing law in North Carolina. I am a “people” lawyer, who lives by the motto that: “you do not have to be my client to be my friend, but if you are my client, you must be my friend”. I care very deeply about taking care of my clients.


William M. Cox ABC Case Managerinbluebg

Bill Cox, former Chief of Mecklenburg County ABC Law Enforcement serves as our ABC case manager and general ABC consultant.